Eat Clean and Live Lean in 2015

Everyone needs something that is simple, sustainable, satisfying, and inspiring!

The best way to make any change is to keep it simple.  Simplicity ensures that we can continue what we implement.  Sustainable means that we are creating a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods.  (ie….keeping it simple so we can keep it up!)  Satisfying, well let’s face it, we all want to eat things that are pleasing and live a life that makes us happy!  Basically if it’s not inspiring us to move forward, to improve, and to mature; well, it’s not worth our time!

So let’s get down to business!

Eating Clean

What does it mean to eat clean?  It’s not as difficult as everyone thinks!  Eating clean in a nutshell means, consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible.  So if it is in a box, it shouldn’t be in our cabinet.  It is important to remember that this is NOT a diet: no counting calories, carbs, or fats. This lifestyle is simple and sustainable.  And yes, once you get started, it is satisfying and definitely inspiring because you will look and feel better!

As we move throughout the year, I will be posting websites and articles that will help us better understand clean eating and how we can begin to incorporate it into our family meals.  To get us started here is a great article that breaks down what clean eating is and the many health benefits it brings to the body.

Living Lean

We need to rid our life of all unnecessary negatives: attitudes, stuff/clutter/possessions, time wasting activities, responsibilities that are not ours.  That is a year of work within itself! We have to start somewhere!

The first thing we must do is to change our attitude!  I have been preaching this for over a year….Choose2Change.   For those of you who know me, at least you are familiar with the concept.  For those who are new, here it is: Each day the average person will make 612 decisions; who knew?  That equates to 773,618 decisions over a lifetime – and unfortunately, most people will come to regret 143,262 of those.  Not every decision is life threatening but each one has the potential to create “change” in our life and the lives of those around us.  So it boils down to a choice we make to better ourselves!

We must also learn to separate the things that are important in our lives and things that are a distraction to our future.  This can prove to be a difficult thing for many but when you begin to prioritize “things” we really see what is significant and what we really need to let go of.  Time is something that we need not waste.  We must know and trust where we put our energy and our efforts.  YOU are simply too important not too!

God has a plan for our life and it doesn’t include unnecessary stops!  My husband always says, the best GPS in life is your destiny.  When we keep our eyes and our heart set on our God given destiny, we will avoid many pitfalls.  If we get our eyes off that destiny, it is much easier to fall into the time and energy wasting schemes that will deplete us.  A depleted YOU is an unproductive and unsuccessful YOU!

Now that the foundation of “Eat Clean and Live Lean in 2015” has been laid, we can focus on our health, and our dreams, and our future!

#Choose2Change #EatCleanLiveLeanin2015

The 2014 Revolution: Choose2Change!

It’s that time again!  Another year has come and gone and we are well on our way to 2014.  Many of us have undergone some serious changes this past year, some by choice and some not.  One thing remains the same; we now have the opportunity to make the most of every situation we are given in 2014.

As we start this New Year we will be faced with many choices.  Most people start the year with a New Year’s resolution and many of those will choose to break it within the first month, if they last that long!

This year, I want to challenge you NOT to make a New Year’s resolution but to make a New Years REVOLUTION!

Resolution comes from the root word resolute which means firmly resolved, set in purpose.  Revolution is most commonly known as it relates to politics and history.  But it literally means a sudden, complete or marked change in something; a complete turnaround.

As I look at the two, I am convinced that a resolution can be easily broken but a revolution must be followed through.  You cannot begin to make a complete turnaround without a complete follow through!  And that my friend requires CHANGE!

Last month, I was blessed to have been named, Mrs. District of Columbia International 2014.  My platform is, “Chose2Change”.  This is the message I am focused on and I am convinced will change your life!  Each day the average person will make 612 decisions per day; who knew?  That equates to 773,618 decisions over a lifetime – and unfortunately most people will come to regret 143,262 of those.  Not every decision is life threatening but each one has the potential to create “change” in your life and the lives of those around you.

It is important for us to note that when we make a choice, it not only affects us, but it affects those around us.  For this reason there is the potential, over time, to completely transform our surroundings!  I mean let’s look at something as simple as cutting out junk foods and eating fruit, veggies and lean meats (this is called clean eating by the way).  We could add years of healthy living to our lives, turn back the aging clock, decrease our cholesterol, reverse diabetes and heart disease and the list goes on.  This is really a simple choice that many people just don’t think twice about.

Let’s look at our actions!  I just lost half of you didn’t I……?  No worries, we all need to make room for improvement there!  Maybe we should think twice before we speak to our boss and get a pink slip because of it, or to our husband who just messed up plans we made three weeks ago, or our children who are simply learning how to navigate life in their teenage years; we might be able to make a better choice of our words and have a different outcome.  We have all heard, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” and how true that is.

How about making a choice to get involved in our community instead of always complaining about it?  Maybe we should take a day to pick up the trash at the entrance of our subdivision instead of attending the homeowners meeting only to bring attention to the fact that there is trash at the entrance of the subdivision.

If you see someone in need, how about helping them to get re-acclimated into society instead of bashing them and the unfortunate situation they happen to be in.  Some people just need someone to believe in them to make a difference in how they see themselves.

Maybe you know a friend who has family member that just found out they have a life threatening disease.  What is your response?  Do you say, “oh my goodness”, or do you choose to get involved and help raise funds to find a cure?

My point is simple; you can “Chose2Change” just about anything in your life.  If you are faced with a situation you have no control over, you can certainly change the way you look at it.  That within itself, holds the potential to turn around your attitude and your attitude is the key to EVERY situation!

No more resolutions but a REVOLUTION; a marked change and a complete turnaround in YOUR life!   This is the year that can change the rest of your life!  You have the opportunity to walk through open doors, make possibilities reality and make a difference not only in your life but in the life of others!

We CAN do this!  Let’s make 2014 the absolute best and choose2change the way we live our life!  It really is that easy!

Yours by Choice and for Change,